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Pro Kabaddi Trophies & Medals

Client : Mashal Sports / Star Sports

Pro Kabaddi League Men's Trophy 

Made of Aluminium with a Titanium centre, the trophy is plated in gold for the outer structure & silver for titanium centre element. The trophy has a dual surface finish - mirror finish on the inside and satin finish on the outside. The trophy is moved between the winning teams every year and hence refurbishment is done by TLV yearly. Also a minitiature of the trophy is made every year to be given to the winner of the previous year. Design by: Foley Designs


Pro Kabaddi League Women's Trophy


Designed & fabricated in 2016. This trophy was made in machined Aluminium and gold electroplating. Design by: Foley Designs

Pro Kabaddi League Women's Trophy


The trophy was made of Aluminium, machined in an interesting form where the outer surface of the trophy incorporates a map which signifies the reach of kabaddi as a sport, worldwide. Weighing nearly 15 kilograms, the trophy has large arcs on it encircling the globe through the cut-out of the surface where the smooth surface of it catches the shadow of the world map carved out on the larger arcs. The aluminium is plated in gold and Nickel plated with a satin finish on the outer surface and mirror finish on the inner globe.

Design by: Foley Designs

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