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Formula 1 Trophies

Client : Formula 1

F1 2012 Trophy

TLV was commissioned to fabricate the winners' trophies for the Formula One Airtel Indian Grand Prix (2012). Using the Indian ‘Chakra’ as a focal point the trophy designers, Foley Designs, drew inspiration from the ‘Chakra’ to depict the concept of speed in the trophy’s design. The ‘Chakra’ is integral to India’s identity and conveys a strong association to ‘chariots’ and the sport. The design is created with an intricate yet modern feel linking the ornamental design ethos of Indian culture in the form of a contemporary expression. The trophy is fabricated from aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel. The victory procession and the Indian flag colour reflections was achieved through a process of  etching and enamel filling on steel. The cases for the trophies are customised and hand crafted in teak wood and finished in a stained black matte lacquer. The inner surfaces of the cases are lined with cushioned felt and formed such that they hold the trophy securely whilst in transit.

F1 2013 Trophy

TLV was commissioned to fabricate the winners' trophies designed by Michael Foley for the Formula One Airtel Indian Grand Prix (2013). The design of the trophy is an aesthetic interpretation of a contemporary and forward looking India on a global pedestal. The concept driving the trophy stems from a unique expression of the sport using a fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and high precision engineering. The trophy is created using 24 metal slivers assembled around the axis of the trophy, inspired by the 24 spokes in the ‘Chakra’ of the Indian flag. It has been crafted using aircraft grade, lightweight aluminium. The colours saffron, white and green are embedded in the gaps between the slivers depicting a subtle expression of the Indian tri colour. The final avatar of the cup uses resilient finishes of aluminium to create a unique blend of metallic black, red and silver.

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