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Medals, Shield & Cap Box

Client : 6 Cricket (Rahul Dravid Academy)

We executed multiple trophy and memento requirements for the Six Cricket Academy over the course of 2019.


1. Six Cricket Medals - Awarded each year to one person for the best performance in the Academy, these total of 5 trophies were made from lasercut aluminium with custom engraving of the and Six Cricket logos. Each medal was packaged in custom pop-up boxes made from MDF for a final premium touch.


2. Cap Box - We constructed display boxes to showcase the woolen caps that were given away as tokens to patrons and guests on the Six Cricket Medal Night. These total 15 frame boxes were custom-made with acrylic and installed in the Academy by our team.


3. Six Premier League Shield - The winning trophy to be awarded to the winning team of the League, this custom trophy was designed as a rolling shield. It was created with a layered approach, having a wood base with a teak finish, follwed by an embossed logo of the League with a rowmark top, and finally, the name of the winning team etched on the rowmark plaque and placed along the bottom.

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