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BIAL - Signages & Elements

Client : BIAL

BIAL Retail Plaza Signage & Elements

The signage undertaken for "The QUAD" an outdoor retail plaza at Bangalore airport included elements like 16 navigation systems, and other retail fit outs. The navigation signages were constructed out of wooden poles which were then clad with MS and vinyl graphics. One of the interesting features in the signage system were the 3 Map Holders, which displayed the spacial map of the retail plaza. We also worked on a Post Box installation, that was constructed out of mild steel wth PU paint finish and a Telephone Booth that was constructed out of FRP with a red and black painted finish. Designed by : TLV Solutions

BIAL Alpha & Bravo Signages

The 2.5ft Alpha 3B signage, placed on the building facade, is made of laser cut Aluminium sheet with polyurethane coating and concealed lighting behind the letters with white LEDs. The 4ft Bravo1 signage, placed above the building, is made of Acrylic Sheet with a powdercoated MS framework for anchoring to the building terrace. Concealed lighting is done behind the letters in white LED modules.

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