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Passenger Terminal - Service Islands

Client : BIAL

Foley Designs along with TLV were contracted by Kempegowda Internation Airport Limited (KIAL) to design and execute thirty one service islands for the airport. The intent was to brand the various services provided by the airport across the terminal and kerbside. Also, the varied services were grouped and clustered to enhance customer delight at the airport.


The KIAL service island is designed using the geometry of a ‘softened’ Rhombus creating a distinct character to the island, yet very functional. The island is built with a sliver of orange inset into a luminescent white unit, providing a strong recall to the clubbed services, yet non-intrusive. The spaces are treated with a sense of modularity and all-round visibility keeping in mind the context of the functional requirement of the services. The service modules emanate in layout from the island architecture. 

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