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IME Cafe

Client : Brigade Group

Our endeavour and focus is to realise the nuances and details that make the design. So when executing a design project we like to pay close attention to details that bring out the design intent. We undertook the refurbishment of the IME Cafe, which is an extension of the IME museum in Bangalore. A total area of 1600 Sq.ft the elements executed included - Facade signage which was fabricated with a metal grid backing, upon which the LED lit signage was placed. We constructed the food preparation and display counters following the same subtle & minimal design theme. We also applied the menu graphics at the ordering station, in a colour blocked pattern, using the IME theme colours for the graphics. We painted the walls and surfaces for a consistent look of the interior space of the cafe for the customers.
The tables in the cafe were all custom designed, and fabricated using wireframe legs in IME brand colours with granite table tops. Planters for the cafe were also constructed out of metal frames and installed them along the cafe wall. The cafe ceiling was custom made by us with a metal wireframe structure that supported the light fixtures. We also installed other lighting in the space with the custom made cube floor lamps with wireframe base and a sheet metal top, inspired by musical notes. Design by : Foley designs

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