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Experience Store

Client : Duroflex

In 2019, we executed the designs for a state-of-the-art experience store for Duroflex located in Karnataka. It was one of our more expansive works, and involved our expertise in project management, site execution and design & development.


1. We crafted a posture wall, which had pegs placed across a rubber wood wall with perforations, that enabled people to check their posture. We also created the Modular Bed Unit (made of mild steel frames that were clad with MDF) and installed them with a foldable feature for space efficiency.


2. Various other elements like pigeon racks (to display cushions), discussion table and bench (made of mild steel section frame) as well as the vinyl cut graphics and signages on the floor as well as on doors, were carried out by us.


3. We built DOM Lights with the base frame made out of mild steel covered with MDF, and an acrylic dome covering it to diffuse the light. The lights were then installed around the 3 main pillars of the store.


4. We also built a portable space divider with wheels, from an mild steel frame clad with MDF. We added magnetic tiles clad with printed fabric and placed it across the divider.


5. A history wall was also constructed from bent ply that was painted and finished with the same Duroflex brand colour of red, to showcase the journey of the company. 6. Multiple signages for the front and side facade were built with an ACP covering and a backlight detail, along with lollipop signages with the brand logo that were suspended from the ceiling.


7. We also constructed and installed the billing counter that was made of MDF with corian cladding on top and front. 8. Curtain holder made of mild steel frame was suspended on the ceiling and hung with floor to ceiling curtain with printed graphics that can be raised and lowered.


9. We also built the Sleep Lab section by placing mirrors on pillars and also executed designs for the testing equipment present there.


10. We also built an installation for the front of the store by incorporating toughened custom molded glass in a dome shape.


11. Other installations included electrical components, lighting, AC, sound system, floor tiles (inside the store), granite (outside), glass walls, false ceiling and so on.

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