Foley Designs, a sister concern of TLV, is an independent design studio that aims to deliver to its consumers experiences that are fresh, desirable and influential. We work closely with the team at Foley Designs undertaking joint projects enabling the client to obtain an end-to-end service through a single point of contact. We find that many clients find this beneficial in achieving project deliverables right from design implementation to project management.


Specialists in product design, packaging, graphics, space and strategic design, Foley Designs integrates world calibre design skills with a freshness of thought and visionary ideas, along with a strong passion for doing things differently.


A powerhouse of creative talent, Foley team members are from some of the most sought after design schools: National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Rhodes School of Design and the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, where Michael Foley himself trained.


Foley Designs focuses on product design, design research and pro-active development of the in-house product lines. Foley Designs specializations include lifestyle product design, packaging and consumer electronic design.


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