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Customised Mementos & Awards

Client : 6 Cricket (Rahul Dravid Academy)

The Six Cricket team wanted a gift hamper for their "Medal Night" event. We designed a personalised hamper box that was laser engraved with the recipient's name along with a gold plaque added on top with the 6 Cricket logo etched on it. The gifts selected are from a range of products available from our brand TILT which were then customised for 6 Cricket. The "Uditi" table clock was customised with a blue anodised ring and laser etched logo. The "Perpetual calendar" made of hardwood and acrylic had the dates customised in the 6 Cricket brand colours and logo etched onto the acrylic. And finally, a set of four custom designed silicone coasters with the 6 Cricket logo and colours with a marbled finish. 15 beautiful personalised wooden hamper boxes were produced and delievered for 6 Cricket's "Medal night". The box also features laser cut foam inserts to ensure the gifts inside are intact! Design by: TLV

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