SAB Miller has re launched Indus Pride beer, a range of premium Indian lager. Brewed with natural plant spices, they come in four flavours; Cardamom, Cinnamon, Fennel and Coriander. A full range of brand collateral designed by Foley Designs for the country wide launch of the brand was fabricated, produced and distributed by TLV. This included 'Single-bottle' glorifiers, 'Four-bottle' glorifiers, Beer Buckets, Mirror & LED display Signage, Candle Lamp shades, Free Standing display units, Shelf Displays for bars and Spirits stores, Trade kits, Coasters and Openers.  


The range of brand collateral was fabricated using several substrates which included Stainless steel, Acrylic, Vinyl, Wood etc. 


Implementation of the brand touch-points designed by Foley Designs for the UB bars at the Mumbai international airport.


This included the main entry signage for the bars, wall installations, glazing graphics, brand blocks and plaques, podium glorifiers, bottle glorifiers, menu stands, host stands, bill books, customised menu covers, bartender badges and tent card holders.


The range of brand collateral for Fosters were conceptualised and designed by Foley Designs with TLV fabricating and distributing the collaterals. The collaterals were built around the big idea – ‘Its daaaaamn cold’, where all the elements and graphics visually accentuate the feeling of cold.


Collateral included In-shop signages, Back bar signages, Ice buckets, Shelf displays and Outdoor flanges. Substrates like acrylic vinyl, steel and lights were used in fabrication. These collaterals were delivered across eighteen cities in India, in all we completed ten thousand individual brand collaterals for Fosters. 


An e-commerce portal, Toozio is designed to improve and ease trade between global buyers and sellers. The premium segment of Toozio, Toozio Platinum is an exclusive service that enables top-level executives connect with each other. Bearing two identities, the brand element the Toozio Magnifier creates a visual mnemonic that adds dynamism to the brand while emphasizing the find and connect property.


Our scope of work included brand identity: logotypes, mnemonics and colour palettes, brand touch-points, brand interpretation across media, signage, event branding, corporate gifting and any extension of overall brand concept. We continue to be Toozio's brand and design custodians on an on-going basis.