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RCB Bar & Cafe

Client : Royal Challengers Bangalore

We manufactured and supplied various brand collateral and accessories for the RC Bar & Café at Bangalore. The selected items were fabricated in stained wood, aluminum and steel which were customized to the RC brand colors. These included; Cutlery stand (50nos), Ash trays (50 nos), Bill holders (20 nos), Custom designed stirrers (4000 nos), Ice buckets (50nos), Tent card holder (20nos), Double sided photo frames (20nos), Podium ash tray (2 nos). Additionally we also executed visual merchandising units, signage units and a wall installation. Merchandise bat and ball holder units with inbuilt lighting (16 nos), Jersey & Ball merchandise unit with inbuilt lighting. Next to the unit stands a mannequin that was custom painted, wearing the current RCB jersey.. Signage units Backlit outdoor signage (2nos), Backlit entrance signage(1no.), Lobby signage(1no.), Washroom signages (3 nos), Inaugural baton - Made of machined aluminum with an extruded gold plated SS lion. The baton is enclosed in an acrylic and wooden casing. The upper metal part of the baton has laser marked signatures of Virat Kohli and other important personalities. Wall installation - The bar stage back wall installation is a dynamic installation made of preplated stainless steel plates that move in the wind and allows reflection of light.

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