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Jaquar wanted a customised gift bag to be given to visitors at their Experience Center. The Experience Center is conceptualised around the theme of the "Art of Sculpting water" which is closely linked to the Jacquar business. The gift bag included the following products; a clock, set of fridge magnets, and a brochure about the experience center. The clock was fabricated using 02 plastic discs with a pattern printed on them that interacts to create a moving pattern depicting the intricacy of the ripple movement of water. The jacquar logo is etched on the clock case and is packaged in a custom canister with the Jaquar logo on the lid as well. The set of fridge magnets were made using flexible magnetic sheets with themed graphic artwork printed on it. The brochure was also printed and supplied along with the customised paper pouch with a unique construction that resembled a drop of water when viewed from the side. 400 kits were supplied to Jacquar. Design by: Foley Designs.

Brand Giveaway

Client : Jaquar

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