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Brand Collateral at Stadium

Client : Royal Challengers Bangalore

To bring the brand to the stadium in a unique way and gain the crowd’s attention we developed a few different collaterals that were used at the RCB stadium in Bangalore during the IPL. With the aim of building some fan fever and creating a visual impact to engage the crowd, we fabricated miniature caps in Red and Green, the RCB jersey colours, to be clipped over the mobile phone flashlights of every spectator in the stadium. When the flashlight is switched on, the light glows in red or green, depending on the colour you have, cheering the team on! We also fabricated a custom designed a "RCB drinks cart" that's rolled out into the middle of the field carrying water/refreshments for the players - reinforcing the brand presence. The cart was made with an MS frame and clad with insulated printed fabric in the signature RCB brand clolours, that kept it "cool". Ice Buckets painted in the brand colours were placed with the team at the dugout. 200,000 caps, 8 Ice Buckets and 3 drinks carts were manufactured and supplied to make an impact at the stadium. Design by: Foley Designs.

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