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Sound Garden

Client : Indian Music Experience

We fabricated and installed five interactive outdoor installations for the IME museum's "Sound Garden" - an outdoor area to experience sound. Each musical installation here invites the visitor to explore its distinct sound, material and vibration. This project posed challenges to ensure all installations produced the perfect pitch and sound which involved synchronisation of efforts of artists and musicians.


The two "Reed railing" installations, one floor mounted and the other fixed on a wall are made from hollow metal pipes creating different melodic sound patterns when you run your hand along it. The railing is made from multiple SS pipes placed in progression in a rhythmic pattern.

The floor mounted "Sound Wave" installation - A mallet-based instrument of diverse materials. The user is to gently tap the bars with a mallet to discover different sounds and create their own tune. The installation is made of SS pipes with different material slats like Aluminium, Cast Iron and Wood fixed on top of it. Each material creates a different sound and vibration.

The "Spinner Chime" installation is fabricated using SS Pipes that are placed radially around a larger pipe to create "a vortex of sound".

The "Tubular Bell" is an installation made of custom molded architectural concrete and SS tubes through it. The size of these structures in the installation are graded progressively increasing in size. The tubes are tapped gently in succession to hear the progression of notes through the scale.

The "Flower Gong" installation is made using molded architectural concrete with a brass plate in the centre, each petal is tapped with a mallet to emit different tones/sounds.

Installation Design: Foley Designs.

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