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Freedom Park Mural & Installation

Client : Jindal Steels

Jindal Steel Works is the largest steel manufacturer in India. As a part of the company's social initiatives they decided to create a park at their plant in Bellary, Karnataka, which would symbolize and refresh our minds about the struggle for independence, denote the progress we've made as a nation and also denote the freedom all citizens of India enjoy.

The freedom park comprises of six mural walls radiating out in a spiral around a large flagpole which is the focal point. The murals on the walls of the park have been thoughtfully designed and detailed and meticulously hand painted. They depict the various aspects of our countries freedom struggle, the diverse cultures and traditions that exist in India as well as the development and progress we have seen since the independence. The wall murals also have various 3D elements that add to the installations which were also fabricated by us. At the entrance to the park is an installation using a selection of unused steel pipes available at the plant. The installation depicts a play of the Indian tri-colour. An interesting point to note about the flagpole which was constructed by JSW is that at 220 feet. It is the tallest one in the country and as such also flies the largest tricolour.

Installation design: Foley Designs.

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