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Titan Industries - Dynamic Water Installation

Client : Phase 1 Events & Entertainment 

The success of an interactive installation, lies in the uniqueness of its engaging design as well as in the quality and effectiveness of its execution. This installation was challenging as it needed to be fabricated and tested here before being dismantled and transported to Amsterdam for the Titan Industries Annual Business Meet (2019). We fabricated and tested the installation that involved synchronising the efforts of water management, electronics, programming and lighting apart from from the hardware construction. We had an extremely short lead time to conceptualise, prototype, test and produce the installation. Our team payed closed attention to all the intricacies of its construction and the attention to detail to its mechanism successfully - as this was a one of its kind installation designed specifically to the theme of the conference. The final installation was a dramatic interplay of water, music and light. The installation was designed, developed and fabricated in India and our e team transported it to Amsterdam and installed it onsite. This was an end-to-end service that was seamlessly executed in record time. Installation design: Foley Designs.

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