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Brand Installation

Client : Mantri Developers

The Mantri brand installation, located at the first roundabout was an iconic landmark at Bangalore Airport so much so the roundabout was referred to as the "Mantri roundabout". This stand out installation stood majestic at a height of thirty feet that ensured it was visible from a considerable distance away. The structure has four leaves each symbolising the progress, growth, development and evolution of the brand along with the city of Bangalore. The structure has green grass vertically clad on the inner unit denoting the environmentally conscious efforts of Mantri Developers. This huge unit is prefabricated in different parts using Mild Steel, Stainless steel, Acrylic and assembled on site. To ensure higher visibility, the brand logo was fabricated to an eight feet diameter and located at the very top of the installation. To create a dramatic effect after dark, the lighting for the installation has been planned such that the entire facade is dynamically lit up with a wash of colours that change at regular intervals. The structure is accompanied by brand billboards located on the round about which were also fabricated by TLV. Installation design: Foley Designs.

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