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Interactive Digital Installation

Client : Microsoft

Largely built around the concept of 'interaction', the installation lies in between an active sculpture and a functional communication platform.

We fabricated, tested and installed the structure at the Microsoft head office that involved synchronising the efforts of electronics, coding & programming and lighting. We fabricated the illuminated cuboids housing colour changing lights and 8 high resolution LCD screens that are linked to planned content.

The installation principally works as a light sculpture seamlessly transitioning colour tones, based on the dynamic change of imagery on the screens. The installation also serves as a platform for internal team communication like Townhall meetings. An added feature for interaction with employees is the use of Microsoft Kinect units linked via software to camera activation, allowing random and planned images taken of employees. These images are manipulated to create visual effects on the screens displaying a coordinated visual sculpture. All in all the installation is designed to capture 'collective' and 'engaging' interaction within the workspace.

Installation design: Foley Designs

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