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Design execution and Fabrication of the Flea Market at Orion Mall.

The ‘Caravan’ Flea market at the Orion mall is designed to engage with fledgling young entrepreneurs, who are constantly looking for platforms to showcase their creative expressions. Caravan, designed by Foley Designs, gives the feel of a lively market place buzzing with a plethora of interesting product to engage with consumers.


The design ethos stems from a contemporary take on vintage wrought iron work offset with a light wood texture, reminiscent of old market places with a context of today’s Shopper. This look and feel has been achieved through powder coating of metal members in antique finishes and stained pinewood. A combination of fixtures finished to the same look and feel has been engaged in each kiosk. A peacock motif laces the flea market as an angle feature giving a natural yet subtly Indian context to the space. Coloured bands of fabric create a feeling of walking under a shaded outdoor space. The flea market is planned and designed to provide surprises and a sense of discovery for shoppers looking for an impulse.