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Depiction of the UB Group history through a 3D installation.

United Spirits Limited (USL), the flagship company of the UB Group is a global leader in the spirits industry. With the establishment of the company in 1826 to the current global footprint of exports to over 37 countries, USL decided to celebrate its rich history and heritage of brands developed over the years. They wanted to share this with their employees and agreed on creating a history wall in their corporate office depicting the milestones achieved by USL.


TLV executed the history wall designed by Foley designs. The long standing tradition of USL is celebrated through a unique chronological timeline designed by Foley designs and implemented by TLV at the UB Group office.


This history wall is a 16 feet by 4 feet installation separated into 10 panels chronicling the company’s remarkable journey. The years’ that are significant in the history of the company are highlighted with gold plated steel numbers with bottle displays of their most notable brands projecting outwards from the wall. A gold plated steel band runs through the wall representing the names of all the merged entities of USL.


The final effects were achieved using printing techniques on metallic Aluminum Composite, vinyl prints, acrylic and sun-board.